Scheme For Legal Services

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1. सुधारीत मनोधैर्य योजनेचा दिनांक 1 जानेवारी 2024 रोजीचा शासन निर्णय view 275 KB
2. Maharashtra Victim Compensation Scheme for Women Victims/Survivors of Sexual Assault/ Other Crimes, 2022. view 236 KB
3. Scheme For Legal Services To The Victims Of Disasters Through Legal Services Authorities view 79 KB
4. Scheme For Mobile Legal Services-Cum Lokadalat In Maharashtra view 85 KB
5. Scheme For Implementing The Project Of Para-Legal Volunteers By The State Legal Services Authorities view 124 KB
6. Supreme Court Middle Income Group Legal Aid Scheme view 84 KB
7. Dispute Free Village view 295 KB
8. National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS)    
  7.1 SCHEME view 12,697 KB
  7.2 Guidelines view 69 KB
  7.3 Act view 2,852 KB
9. Scheme for Legal Aid Clinics view 132 KB
10. Scheme for Legal Services to the Workers in the Unorganised Sector view 111 KB
11. Scheme for Mentally ill view 105 KB
12. The Permanent Lok Adalat (Other Terms And Conditions Of Appointment Of Chairman And Other Persons) Rules, 2003 view 102 KB
13. GR Victim Compensation Scheme, 2014 view 127 KB
14. Revised GR dated 11th April, 2017, Victim Compensation Scheme, 2014 view 90 KB
15. Scheme for Para-Legal Volunteers view 240 KB
16. Schemes for Legal Services to Disaster Victims through Legal Services Authorities view 97 KB
17. NALSA (Victims of Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation) Scheme, 2015 view 2,114 KB
18. NALSA (Legal Services to the Workers in the Unorganized Sector) Scheme, 2015 view 2,329 KB
19. NALSA (Child Friendly Legal Services to Children and their Protection) Scheme, 2015 view 3,916 KB
20. NALSA (Legal Services to the Mentally Ill and Mentally Disabled Persons) Scheme, 2015 view 3,479 KB
21. NALSA (Effective Implementation of Poverty Alleviation Schemes) Scheme, 2015 view 1,830 KB
22. NALSA (Protection and Enforcement of Tribal Rights) Scheme, 2015 view 3,820 KB
23. NALSA (Legal Services to the Victims of Drug Abuse and Eradication of Drug Menace), Scheme, 2015 view 2,515 KB
24. NALSA (Legal Services to Senior Citizens) Scheme, 2016 view 11,393 KB
25. NALSA (Legal Services to Victims of Acid Attacks) Scheme, 2016 view 8,773 KB
26. राष्ट्रीय विधिक सेवा प्राधिकरण (एसिड हमलों के पीड़ितों के लिए विधिक सेवा) योजना, 2016 view 13,001 KB